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Hiring Problems Faced by Human Resource Personnel

Hiring the right person for the job sounds easy, but there are many problems HR will face before choosing the right candidate. With hundreds of talents, it can be difficult to choose a handful, and sometimes a bad interview can end up costing you a valuable potential employee.

Hiring Problems

Here are a few problems, and what you can do to solve them.

The Problem: Talent Has a Bad Interview

Many potential employees are not hired due a bad interview. Some are not told what the interview will consist of, and things may get awkward if the interviewee doesn’t know what to say.

The Solution: Be Clear About the Interview Process

Give each employee a list of questions and other things to expect during the interview. That way, they can come prepared.

The Problem: Talent Stops Contacting the Company

After the interview, you may no longer hear from the talent again. There are many reasons this may be, but one reason is because they may have other interviews in process, and the interviewers there may do something you’re not.

The Solution: Keep the Talent Updated

The problem is that many companies don’t keep their interviewees updated. All it takes is a week without hearing anything for the potential employee to find another job. Make sure you’re updating each employee. You’ll notice a difference in retention.

The Problem: Poor ID Creation Workflow

With so many applicants, you need a way to keep their photos in a database. Cropping each face and preparing them can be a long process.

The Solution: Face Crop Jet

Face Crop Jet automatically crops faces in bulk, making the process of hiring easier for HR.

With job season approaching, make sure your HR is prepared for hiring. Take these steps to ensure an easier interview process for everyone.

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