Passport Photo Cropper | ID Card Photo Cropping Software

Intelligent,Zero Configuration,Fast

  • Intelligent Face Detection

    Intelligent Face Detection

    The Software uses advanced AI algorithms to detect a face from an Image.

  • Zero Configuration-Fully Automatic

    Zero Configuration-Fully Automatic

    You do not need to manually select the Face or Crop Out portion of the image.Everything is Automatic.

  • ID Card Ready Photos

    ID Card Ready Photos

    The cropped out portion of the Photo is a Profile Picture that is perfect for ID Cards.

  • Robot/Directory Monitor

    Robot/Directory Monitor

    Robot Mode allows you to set Face Crop Jet to Monitor a specific Folder.It will automatically Crop out Faces from Photos copied to this Folder.

  • Any Image Format or Size

    Any Image Format or Size

    You can add Images of any format or Size.The face detection and cropping will be automatic.

  • Batch Process Photos

    Batch Process Photos

    Face Crop Jet can detect Faces and Crop out the required portion from Images in Bulk.

  • Square Shaped Cropping

    Square Shaped Cropping

    You can set the Crop Shape to Square.When this Feature is Enabled,Face Crop Jet produces Square Shaped Output Images.

  • Fixed Size Output

    Fixed Size Output

    You can set the Output size so that all the output images will be resized to a specific size.

  • Easy to use Interface

    Easy to use Interface

    The Innovative and Easy to Use Interface abstracts away all complexities making Face Crop Jet very Easy to use.

Get Perfect ID Card Photos from Full Size Images

Face Crop Software

Intelligent Face Crop Software | ID Card Software for Windows and MacOS

Face Crop Jet will detect a Face from a Photo and it will save the Image containing the Face.The output images are perfect for using as a ID Card Photo/Passport Photo as it has all required features for an ID Card/Passport Photo.

  • Intelligent and Automatic
  • Obtain perfect ID Card Photos from Full Size Images
  • Zero Configuration
  • Supports Images of Any Size or Format
  • Supports JPG,PNG,BMP,TIF and GIF Output Formats
  • Automatic Searching and Adding of Images from Folder/Device
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS X

How it works ?

Face Crop Jet works by detecting a Face from an Image by using complex algorithms.It Crops out a perfect profile photo that can be used for ID Cards.

It is easy to use

There is Zero Configuration,everything is Automatic.

Batch Process Images

Photos can be processed in Bulk.100s of Images can be processed and perfect ID Card Photos will be created in minutes.

Any Image Format,Any Size

Face Crop Jet supports almost all Image formats.You don’t need to worry about images being of different sizes,it will be handled automatically.

Set an Output Size

Once you set an output size,all images processed will be resized to this specific size.

Take a Look at this Demo Video

Unattended mode ? Yes,we have a server version

Fully automated Windows service module

The service module of Face Crop Jet can be configured to automatically start without any user intervention on system startup.Face Crop Jet service module will monitor a folder for photos,crop and save faces from the detected photos to the output folder.

  • Zero configuration
  • Fully automated
  • Auto start on Windows startup
  • Intuitive and user friendly control panel
  • Format,crop mode,crop shape etc can be configured
  • Installed as Windows service,supports server operating systems
Download Service Edition

Macintosh Edition? Yes, we love Mac!

Native Macintosh Edition Available

The macOS version of Face Crop Jet features an intuitive interface that allows you to do image processing operations with minimal effort.

  • Native Macintosh Ecosystem
  • Simple,Straightforward and Easy to use Interface
  • Fast Facial Detection and Cropping
  • Drag and Drop Installation
Download OSX Edition
“Face Crop Jet Cropped out perfect ID Card Images from 100s of Images so fast.I was amazed to see how it worked without any configuration ”
- James Cooper