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Crop Faces from Photos

Face Crop Jet is a Software that Detects and Crops Faces from Photos producing Images ready for ID Cards.

Intelligent Face Detection and Cropping Software

Produces ID Card ready Photos

Easy Passport Size Photo Cropping

ID Card Ready Photos

ID Card Photo Cropping module produces a profile picture that is perfect for ID Cards.

Intelligent Face Detection

The software uses advanced AI based algorithms to detect a face from an image and crop out the bounding box.

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Zero Configuration-Fully Automatic

No need to manually select the face or crop out portion of the image. Everything is automatic. Optional manual selection available.

Robot/Directory Monitor

Robot mode allows you to set Face Crop Jet to monitor a specific folder. It will automatically crop out faces from photos copied to this folder.

Any Image Format / Size

You can add images of any format or size.The face detection and cropping will be automatic.

Batch Process Photos

Face Crop Jet can detect faces and crop out the required portion from images in bulk.


Customizable Crop

Options include Face/Shoulder crop and fully customizable crop window.

Easy to use Interface

The innovative and easy to use interface abstracts away all complexities making Face Crop Jet very easy to use.

How it Works?

Face Crop Jet works by detecting a Face from an Image by using complex algorithms. It Crops out a perfect profile photo that can be used for ID Cards. Face Crop Jet is a perfect ID Card Photo Cropping Solution for Organisations and Institutions.

AI Algorithms

Powerful AI algorithms are used for facial feature detection and cropping.

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Privacy Guaranteed

The processed images never leaves your machine as the facial detection runs locally on your machine and is never uploaded anywhere.

Robot Mode for Directory Monitoring

Robot Mode allows you to set Face Crop Jet to Monitor a specific Folder/External Drive.It will automatically Crop out Faces from Photos copied to this Location by continuously looking for new images in this Location.

Highly Customizable Crop Settings.

You can customize the crop window manually if required. Options include Face / Shoulder Crop and Precise Custom Crop. The Custom Crop option allows you to precisley control the Crop Window size.You can set a Custom Crop Factor or specify a Custom Crop Window Size.

Intelligent Orientation Detection and Correction

This experimental feature automatically detects the orientation of images which does not have an EXIF Orientation tag/images that are in wrong orientation(eg:upside down image).The software will attempt to correct the orientation and crop out the face from it automatically.


Service Edition for Windows Servers

The service module of Face Crop Jet can be configured to automatically start without any user intervention on system startup.Face Crop Jet service module will monitor a folder for photos,crop and save faces from the detected photos to the output folder.

  • Zero Configuration
  • Fully Automated
  • Auto Start on Windows Startup
  • Intuitive and User Friendly Control Panel
  • Format,Crop mode,Crop shape etc can be configured
  • Installed as Windows Service,Supports Server Operating Systems

    Available for macOS

    The macOS version of Face Crop Jet features an intuitive interface that allows you to do image processing operations with minimal effort.

  • Native Macintosh Ecosystem
  • Simple,Straightforward and Easy to use Interface
  • Drag and Drop Installation

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    Face Crop Jet has been rated highly by our customers and Software Download Websites.

    Try Face Crop Jet Today! Fully Functional Trial Available.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Face Crop Jet uses AI based face detection algorithms to detect and crop faces from photos.

    There is no specific limit set for the number of images you can process.FCJ can process images in batch from a folder/external device.

    Face Crop Jet is available for Windows and macOS. There is a special service edition available Windows Servers for unattended operation.

    The trial version is fully functional. The only limitation is every processed images will bear our trial watermark.

    All image processing happens locally on your machine.Images never leave your system. So you can be 100% sure about your privacy. 

    The software is licensed per machine.The standard edition for Windows and macOS costs $55 and the Service Edition for Windows Server costs $200. All charges are one time payments and licenses are valid for lifetime.