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Extracting Faces from Photos in Bulk for Creating ID Cards

ID Card creation is one of the most common tasks involved in the workflow of an organisation.If your company has a constant flow of new hires or hire employees via contract, ID Card creation will be one of the most frequent tasks.With this there comes the task of taking a photograph of the employee,Extracting the required portion / mug shot from the image for creation of ID Card.

extract face from photo

Extracting Facial region from photos manually can be a tiresome task.If you have a large number of images this can get more daunting.Face Crop Jet is a tool which can simplify this process for you.The software is capable of batch processing thousands of images and extracting the faces from these images.The extracted faces are saved as a separate files and they are perfect for using on ID cards.You can select Tight Face Crop or Include the Shoulder portion based on your requirement.

See the tool in Action in the Video below


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