How to Crop Face from Image?

Selecting and Cropping out the facial region from Images is a common task in organizations for  ID card creation process.This task can be accomplished using any simple image editing tools like MS Paint.

The following steps describe how this can be done using MSPaint

1.Open the Image in MsPaint by right clicking on the image and selecting Edit option

2.once the image opens,select the Crop Tool

3. Draw the cropping window around the desired area and click Ctrl+X

4. Click on File->New and hit Ctrl+V

5.You can now save this image

This process is tedious and becomes more tedious if you have large number of images to process.Face Crop Jet is a tool that solves this issue by automating the entire process. It integrates facial detection and cropping of faces from images in Bulk.

This entire process can be completed for 100s of images with few mouse clicks .Take a look at the video below