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AI-Powered Passport Size Photo Cropper: Your Ultimate ID Card Solution

Welcome to the digital age, where innovation and technology continue to transform the way we handle everyday tasks. In the realm of identity cards and passports, the need for efficient photo cropping has never been greater. Meet Face Crop Jet, the revolutionary passport size photo cropper that utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms to crop facial images […]

Simplifying Student ID Card Creation with Automatic Face Cropping Software

In the digital age, educational institutions are constantly seeking ways to streamline administrative processes and enhance security measures. One crucial aspect of student management is the creation and issuance of identification cards (ID cards). Traditionally, this process involved manual cropping and resizing of student photographs, leading to inefficiencies and errors. However, with the advent of […]

How to Crop Passport Size photos?

If you’re looking to get a passport photo, you’ll need to know how to crop it to the correct size. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do just that. We’ll also provide some tips on what kind of passport photo to choose and how to take one that will meet all the […]

How to cut face out of a picture ?

Face detection is a part of image processing which is used to detect face from pictures or videos. Face detection uses algorithms to find faces from a larger picture which may also include other objects like buildings, landscape, etc. Using face detection it automatically detects the face and cuts it. Cropping is a method of […]

Passport Photo Cropper Software – Easily Crop Passport size Photos in Bulk

Are you planning to take a new passport photo? There are some stringent quality standards that are imposed by authorities  that you must follow so that your passport photo is accepted. These guidelines can vary slightly depending on the country , But there are some common guidelines that you must keep in mind. Some of […]

Detecting and Cropping Faces from Photos without EXIF Tag in Wrong Orientation

An EXIF Orientation tag defines the orientation of the camera with respective to the captured scene.This tag determines how the image has to be displayed on a computer screen when you open it from your memory card or camera.In some cases the EXIF Tag can get stripped off during resizing,format conversion and uploading to web […]

Intelligent Batch Image Cropping based on Facial Detection

Hiring new employees to an organisation is a tedious task.The process involves multiple levels of interviews,filling up the all the paperwork,background verification and finally id card creation for attendance and time tracking purposes.The process of ID Card creation may involve taking pictures of employees and cropping desired facial region for creation of an ID Card. […]

ComputerBild Promotion

We had featured Face Crop Jet on ComputerBild(Germany).The promotion has ended,thanks to all people who are using our product. If you are looking to purchase Face Crop Jet,here is a special discount code -> CBILD2020  Use this code to avail 10% Discount   

How to Crop Face from Image?

Selecting and Cropping out the facial region from Images is a common task in organizations for  ID card creation process.This task can be accomplished using any simple image editing tools like MS Paint. The following steps describe how this can be done using MSPaint 1.Open the Image in MsPaint by right clicking on the image […]

Hiring Problems Faced by Human Resource Personnel

Hiring the right person for the job sounds easy, but there are many problems HR will face before choosing the right candidate. With hundreds of talents, it can be difficult to choose a handful, and sometimes a bad interview can end up costing you a valuable potential employee. Here are a few problems, and what […]