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How to cut face out of a picture ?

Face detection is a part of image processing which is used to detect face from pictures or videos. Face detection uses algorithms to find faces from a larger picture which may also include other objects like buildings, landscape, etc. Using face detection it automatically detects the face and cuts it. Cropping is a method of cutting unwanted parts and keeping the desired portion.Cropping is something different from resizing. In cropping if a certain portion is removed.Resizing is the process of reducing or increasing the size of the image.  Cropping does not affect the quality of the image where as resizing may cause some changes in the image quality.

cut face from photo

If you want to cut face out of a picture, it can be done easily.There are many in build features in your phone or computer which helps you to do it. But it becomes challenging when you are trying to take photos for ID card in an Organization/School, In that case you have to deal with the bulk of photos. It becomes a difficult task to take each image at a time and crop it. It is challenging for a single person to do such a task. Also, it may take many days to finish the task.Such a waste of manpower and time. It is where software like Face Crop Jet becomes a necessity. You can cut out faces from pictures easily using Face Crop Jet.This article lists  tools available that can help you.


1.Face Crop Jet 

Face Crop Jet is a software which helps you to crop faces from photos in no time. Be it a single image or bulk.  

It is an intelligent face detection software that uses an AI algorithm which detects face from an image . This software can process many images at a time. That is a batch of images is loaded and cropped images are obtained at the output location. The output image can be resized to the desired size. 

In this software you can select the type of photo you need. Photo required for an id card varies from situation to situation. Some require only the face whereas there are some which require a photo from head to shoulder. In this software there exists an option to select the type of output image you require. 

Reasons to use Face Crop Jet 

  • Images can be cropped easily. 
  • Best option for cropping images for passport size photos. 
  • Plenty of photos can be cropped in no time. 
  • Can set the size of the output images, so that photo can be obtained in the desired size. 
  • If the photo is not in the correct orientation, it automatically corrects the orientation with face detection.  
  • Facial region is automatically detected from the images, desired region is snipped out and saved to the location of your choice. 

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2. Resize Pixel 

Resize pixel is an online cropping tool that allows you to upload your image to their website and crop out the desired portion. 


The website is easy to use but there is no facial detection employed nor it does not support batch processing.The website is useful for simple image cropping tasks. 




Cupace is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS Devices.It allows you to cut and paste faces in pictures.It is done by selecting the crop window followed by using the scissor tool to  draw a selection path on the image to cut it out. This is a mobile only app and does not support batch or automated mode.



 Image to go is another online image editing tool that provides the option to crop out the desired region from an image.There is an independent image cropping tool that allows you to select the area manually and crop out the desired region. ImgtoGo has a set of different tools that meets various purposes and the cropping tool is just one of it.When it comes to cropping faces it is not specialised and does not offer auto face detection feature or batch cropping.But the website offers a set of excellent general purpose image editing tools. 



5.Adobe Photoshop 

It is one of the most popular software for editing photos.  It is available on both macOS and Windows. 


It helps in editing and post processing photos. Software has lot of tools which is able to convert a substandard photo to a professional one. It can easily edit images in different formats. It is an all-purpose software. Stamp size and passport size photo can be created.It can handle different file format such as JPEG,PNG,TIFF and RAW.It is a bit expensive and is now subscription based.The software is undoubtedly one of the best tools out there that for image editing and post processing, but it lacks the specific features for facial detection and cropping. 






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