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Automating Employee ID Card Creation with Facial Detection and Auto Cropping

An Identity card can serve a lot of purposes in an organization like Attendance Tracking,Authorization,Making Payments,Parking etc.A large organization will have fresh employees added frequently or on a timely basis.Creating ID Cards for new employees can be a time consuming task for HR Professionals.The most time consuming part is taking the photograph of the person and cropping out the facial region or mug shot for creating the ID Card.The cropping process can be done using basic image editing tools like MS Paint;but if there are large number of photographs, the process can become tedious and time consuming.

Today Automation is helping every industry to speed up their day to day tasks,the task of creating ID Cards can also benefit from  AI Based Automation.Face Crop Jet can help you solve this problem with the help of Advanced Facial detection techniques.The software is designed to find a face from a photo,Crop and and Save proper Mug shot which is perfect for ID Card Creation.The software also has a Build in Robot Mode that adds further level of Automation by allowing you to Drop in Photos to a Folder;Faces will be detected,cropped and saved to the specified output location.Take a look at Robot Mode in Action

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