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ID Card Software for Mac OSX -Automate ID Card Creation Easily with Face Detection and Cropping

Identity card creation is a regular task in an organization,the complexity of this task is directly proportional to the size of the organization.The process of creating ID Cards involves taking pictures of the Newly hired Employee,Cutting or cropping the Desired Facial Region followed by other tasks like generation of unique id codes.

The most time consuming task in the whole workflow is taking photos and cropping the facial region.If there are large number of Photos or you are in the process of migrating Existing Photos for the new ID Card System, the task can be tedious and time consuming.

If you are running Mac OS X operating system in your organization ,you can crop regions from photos using the Preview Application. This involves the following steps

1.Open the Image in the Preview Application

2.Click on the Tool Box Icon

3.Select the Rectangular Selection Tool,Drag and Draw a Rectangle around the desired region

4.Click on Crop ,A New Image with the Cropped Region will open up in the Preview Application

5.Click on Save As from the Menu and Save the Image

As you might have noted,this task takes some time.If you have large number of Photos to process this task can take too much of your productive work hours.You easily solve this problem using Face Crop Jet.

Face Crop Jet Automates the process of Detecting and Cropping Faces from Photos in Bulk.You can load all your images to the software and press a button;facial region will be automatically detected and cropped.The cropped images will be saved as separate files.You may further use these images in your workflow.Take a Look at the Demo Video Below




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