Face Detection and Cropping of Photos for ID Cards

There are situations in which you need to Crop out the Facial Region from a Photo for Preparing  ID Cards or Pass Port Photos. Some scenarios include taking School Photos,Hiring Process in a Company etc


Perfect facial shots including the head portion is required for use on ID Cards. Normally you would make use of an Image Editor like MS Paint to  crop the Facial Region manually one by one from the images ,but if there are lots of images .. say 1000,it will take a lot of time and hard work. You will need to hire extra man power or waste your existing resources in this process.

This is where you can make use of Face Crop Jet. Face Crop Jet comes with Intelligent AI Algorithms designed to detect and crop Faces,producing images ready for ID Cards. The software supports Batch mode,you just need to add your Images and Press a single Button. Faces will be detected and saved to  separate files irrespective of the original image size or format. You don’t need to worry about the Image Size or the Format of Input Images,Face Crop Jet requires Zero Configuration and is Fully Automated. All you need to do is load your images and press a button you will get Perfect ID Card/Passport Photos within Minutes.

Face Crop Jet can also resize Output Images to a specific size automatically,so that all processed images will be of a specific size.

Face Crop Jet is a Batch Face Detection and Cropping tool that can save tons of time and hard work for you. See the software in Action in the Demo Video Below .


If you are interested,we have a fully functional Trial to Try before you Buy


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