Extracting Faces from Photos in Bulk for Creating ID Cards

ID Card creation is one of the most common tasks involved in the workflow of an organisation.If your company has a constant flow of new hires or hire employees via contract, ID Card creation will be one of the most frequent tasks.With this there comes the task of taking a photograph of the employee,Extracting the […]

Cropping passport size photos from a collection of Images in Bulk

Finding a face from a photograph,cropping it and saving it as a new file maybe one of the daily tasks in the workflow of a photographer who deals with photography in schools,organisations,businesses and human resource management. Cropping passport size photos/Mug shots from large number of images can be quite a tedious manual task.It can prove […]

Windows service to automate face cropping and ID card creation on servers

ID card creation is a complex process.It involves taking the photograph of the candidate,cropping out the desired facial region followed by processes that is standardized by the Company. If you have a large number of photographs to crop or if this is a frequent process,this can get cumbersome and a waste of valuable human resources. […]

Automating Employee ID Card Creation with Facial Detection and Auto Cropping

An Identity card can serve a lot of purposes in an organization like Attendance Tracking,Authorization,Making Payments,Parking etc.A large organization will have fresh employees added frequently or on a timely basis.Creating ID Cards for new employees can be a time consuming task for HR Professionals.The most time consuming part is taking the photograph of the person […]

ID Card Software for Mac OSX -Automate ID Card Creation Easily with Face Detection and Cropping

Identity card creation is a regular task in an organization,the complexity of this task is directly proportional to the size of the organization.The process of creating ID Cards involves taking pictures of the Newly hired Employee,Cutting or cropping the Desired Facial Region followed by other tasks like generation of unique id codes. The most time […]

How to Crop Faces from Photos for ID Cards on Mac OS

Creating ID Cards is a routine task in an organization,this involves taking photographs of employees and cutting out the desired portion from the image.If there are large number of photos to process or if this is a frequent task in your organization,this process can be cumbersome. This is where Face Crop Jet can help you,the […]

Monitoring a Folder and Cropping Faces from Photos Copied to this Folder

Creating ID Cards for employees in a large organization will be a tedious task.Individually selecting facial portion from Images can take a lot of time.Face Crop Jet can automate this task for you by automatically detecting and cropping out the facial portion from these images. To makes things even simpler for you, we have introduced […]

Cropping Face Photos from Application forms in Bulk

It’s the season for applications. Soon, you or your department will have hundreds of applications at hand, each of them needing to be scanned and edited. Organizing them can be difficult if you have hundreds at your disposal. If you need to crop out each applicant’s face, whether to put them in a database or […]

How to Crop Faces from Photos

When you want to crop a photo, you typically go to a photo editor. From the free programs bundled with your computer to complex photo editing software, every editor has an option to crop. You click the crop option, select what portion you want to crop, and then confirm. It doesn’t take too much time […]

Automatic Detection and Cropping of Faces for Preparing Student ID Cards

Preparing ID Cards of Students is a routine task in Schools and Colleges.For each academic term ID Cards needs to be prepared for the new batch of students.This process involves taking individual photographs of students and cropping out the required portion necessary for preparing the ID Card. This can be a long and tiresome job.You […]