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Detecting and Cropping Faces from Photos without EXIF Tag in Wrong Orientation

An EXIF Orientation tag defines the orientation of the camera with respective to the captured scene.This tag determines how the image has to be displayed on a computer screen when you open it from your memory card or camera.In some cases the EXIF Tag can get stripped off during resizing,format conversion and uploading to web forms.This can result in a set of wrongly oriented images like the ones below

images wrong orientation exif tag

When you want to crop out faces from these images manually,you first need to rotate the image so that its orientation is correct. Then cut out the facial area using an image editing tool.This process can get quite tedious when there are large number of such images.For example – Students of a University may be asked to upload their photos to a web portal for ID Card creation.During the upload process, the EXIF Tag might get stripped off and you will end up with a ton of images in the incorrect orientation.Cropping faces from these photos individually is a heavy time consuming task.

intelligent rotation based on face orientation

Face Crop Jet has introduced a feature called Intelligent Rotation with version 1.9.This is an experimental feature that automatically corrects the orientation of the image based on the face orientation.After orientation correction,faces will be cropped out as normal.Being an experimental feature,there will be false positive detections ,which will be rectified with coming upgrades.The number of false positives are low and it does not outweigh the usability or the problem the software solves.

Take a look at the software in action in the video below



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