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Intelligent Batch Image Cropping based on Facial Detection

Hiring new employees to an organisation is a tedious task.The process involves multiple levels of interviews,filling up the all the paperwork,background verification and finally id card creation for attendance and time tracking purposes.The process of ID Card creation may involve taking pictures of employees and cropping desired facial region for creation of an ID Card.

The manual process involves opening up each image and drawing the desired cropping boundary using an image editing tool like MSPaint or PhotoShop,cuttting out the desired facial region and creation of a new image.

Manually Cropping Image


This task can become quite tedious when there are large number of new employees.This is where you can make use of an Intelligent Batch Image Cropping Tool like Face Crop Jet.Face Crop Jet can automatically detect facial region from an image,cut out the desired portion and save it to the location of your choice.The software is capable of batch processing,you can load a bunch of images,set the desired crop parameters and click a button to get images perfect for ID Cards.


You can easily set the desired Crop Parameters


Take a look at the software in action

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